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Healing from the Inside Out


Welcome to The Healing Room in Broad Ripple!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Would you like to get more from your life?

If you feel dissatisfied with life or suffer from chronic pain and illness, depression and anxiety, or everyday stress that’s draining your energy, it’s time to heal from the inside out.

I’ve been there. Years ago, I found myself dealing with stress related symptoms which modern medicine was not able to remedy. We are constantly being bombarded with stressful situations. The solution is to move into a more balanced, peaceful way of life. The stress will still surround you but your way of dealing with it will change.

Through Reiki, reflexology, meditation, and massage, you and I will work together to ease your stress, calm your emotions, clear your racing mind and ease your pain. You will find yourself moving from a situation of worry and illness to a place where happiness and hope returns to your life. The sessions, classes, and workshops that I offer can help you get back in touch with yourself so that you will be able to find new solutions to problems, feel peace and satisfaction with life, and boost confidence in yourself.


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Indy Holistic HubAmy Barr
Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Reflexologist
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Qigong Practitioner and Instructor
Owner of The Healing Room in Broad Ripple, IN


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