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Intuitive Energy Healing/Reiki is a combination of the ancient healing techniques of Reiki and Qigong as well as using my own Intuitive Guidance.  Reiki is the Japanese term for hands-on energy healing.  Qigong is the Chinese term for energy healing and is also one of the four main pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We all have a system of intricate channels “meridians” in our bodies which hold our vital (life force) energy.  This is the very energy that keeps us alive and well however if it becomes stagnant or blocked, then we are susceptible to imbalances which can lead to illness.

During a Reiki Session

Reiki sessions at the Healing RoomReiki sessions are available for 60 minutes. You begin your session with a short discussion about the procedure and your goals for the session. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and lay face up on a massage table with a light blanket over your body. You will want to relax, close your eyes and breathe softly. You will be fully clothed at all times. The Energy Worker uses only a light touch to the body. Absolutely no manipulation is involved. After the treatment, you will be given an analysis with information gathered during the session.  More sessions may be suggested and generally clients come back once a month or a few times a year for an energy "tune-up".  Intuitive Energy Work gives you the opportunity to receive energy work and intuitive advice at the same time. 





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